Ozzy yelling at the ocean for flooding his campfire.

"The natural world can, especially when you are alone with it, speak directly to and connect you to your authentic self. It stands out there holding that gift, always hoping you will come to receive it."
Nancy Lahr. (via geopsych)

Wildflowers and Elk

August 30th

By five in the morning I felt ready to rise. Peeking out my tent I saw stars. The clouds that filled the sky the night before were gone for the most part, making me think maybe, just maybe it’d be a clear day and I’d get to see those spectacular views of Mt Rainier, Adams and St. Helens from the ridge. I lay in my sleeping bag and listened to the call of a lone elk fill the air. That…

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Introduction to Goat Rocks

At my aunts house I told her how desperately I wanted to hike Goat Rocks. As it so happens on the 28th her and her family would be driving through White Pass on their way to Kennewick. So I planned one last hurrah. They dropped me off Thursday night and I stealth camped at the trail head. There was a box waiting for me at the Kracker Barrel store so I popped in there the next morning, mingled…

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My First Hitch

August 18th

When I woke up I still felt kind of crummy. It’s hard to hop back on trail in Washington when everyone around has had months to form bonds with each other. It’s like starting at a new school in the middle of Senior year. At that point I didn’t feel like subjecting myself to that isolation all over again. Too Close and Short Step were still in Oregon. I missed them. I missed having a…

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The Day Of (Mostly) Endless Shade and Berries

August 17th

Woke up refreshed. Yes! That’s the first time I experienced that on the trail. My inflatable pad worked shockingly well and my body didn’t hurt. As I left camp I spotted two deer, who then spotted me and darted away into the trees before I could even think of reaching for my camera. The morning hiking was lovely. So much water everywhere. So lush. So green. And the berries! Holy…

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First Day In Washington

August 16th

The train ride was uncomfortable. Got very little sleep. A few seats back was the world’s loudest snorer. Once I reached Portland Patrick from the PCT Facebook group picked me up. Have I mentioned how awesome it is that strangers do such nice things? Because it is. On the way to Cascade Locks we made two stops. He had to deliver a bounce box to Mountain Mama. Surprise! I hadn’t seen…

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Canon EOS 60D

Father & Daughter Day.


Father & Daughter Day.



"I coulda dropped my croissant"